14th April 2016: NIRVANA meeting in Grenoble

A meeting was held in Grenoble to evaluate the status and good progress of the two technological/industrial demonstrators. This helped fixing the date for the final review to early September 2016.

21st February 2016: NIRVANA at Inertial Sensors 2016

An exciting plenary talk on gyrocompassing through miniaturized gyroscopes based on the M&NEMS process will be given at this high-end conference on Inertial Sensors, Laguna Beach, California.

25th January 2016: NIRVANA at MEMS2016

A plenary talk on reliability of accelerometers and gyroscopes based on M&NEMS technology will be given at MEMS this year. Looking forward to hearing the talk... and to reading the proceedings.

It is the third consecutive presence of NIRVANA at MEMS, the second consecutive with a plenary talk. The community is well recognizing the achievements of this project!

15th December 2015: NIRVANA best paper

A paper from Polimi on NIRVANA gyroscopes was elected as the best paper in the December issue of the Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems. Congratulations to all authors, and to the whole consortium as well.

The paper will be therefore open access for a limited amount of time, which guarantees good advertisment to the project.

21st June 2015: NIRVANA at Transducers 2015

An exciting plenary talk on the results of vibration rejection by NIRVANA gyroscopes will be given at Transducers 2015, Alaska. See the dissemination Section.

25th January 2015: NIRVANA at MEMS2015

A plenary talk on NIRVANA gyroscope will be given at the MEMS conference in Lisboa, Portugal (see the dissemination section), during the Inertial Sensors Session.

27th November 2014: 3rd year review meeting

The third year review meeting was held in Erlangen, Germany, with the P.O. and the project reviewers. Acknowledgment of good work and stimulating suggestions to keep working hard! The project is extended by further 18 months!

27th January 2014: NIRVANA at MEMS2014

Two posters from the NIRVANA project will be presented at the MEMS conference in San Francisco (see the dissemination section)

19th November 2013: Polimi at LETI facilities for vacuum probe measurements

Polimi carried its testing equipment to LETI facilities in Grenoble to measure the quality factor of NIRVANA devices in different vacuum conditions at wafer level.

25th October 2013: Second-year review meeting in Milano

The second year review meeting was held in Milano. First demonstration of setups and experiments were shown to the reviewers. Very good technical discussions!

15th March 2013: NIRVANA devices on their way

The first run of the NIRVANA project is now ready for fabrication, after closing the masks design using the newly developed M&NEMS design kit for Cadence.

23rd October 2012: First-year review meeting in Brussels

The first year review meeting was held in Brussels leading to very useful technical suggestions.

4th July 2012: Project Meeting held in Grenoble (FR)

First run pad system architecture decided.

30th Nov. 2011: Webex Conference Call on Project Specification

The Project Partners participated to a Webex ConfCall to define and clarify important Project specifications to finalize the first phase of NIRVANA.

13th of Sept. 2011: Nirvana first kick-off Meeting held in Grenoble (FR)

The first kick-off meeting of the NIRVANA Project was held at the Headquarters of CEA-LETI (the project coordinator), in Grenoble, France. In this nice European location between the Alps, the Partners of the Projects had the chance to know each other, presenting their respective organization and future contribution to the project. 

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